security4Following an urgent meeting, school officials have made orders to shut down all access to the dorms after 7:00pm.

Board member Clint Flanders was quoted saying, “We just weren’t happy with the results from the new One Cards. People were still getting onto halls, and we need to have them completely safe.” He then added, “Let there be no confusion. My goal is to protect the hall itself, not the people who live on the hall.”

A team of Winston-Salem lawmakers are working out the details of a law that would require all public universities in North Carolina to shut down access to their dorm halls at 7:00pm.

According to a recent analysis conducted by the Winston-Salem Security Council, buildings with locked doors have decreased break-in and theft statistics by 40% in the past 5 years.

“The longer we can have every door locked, the safer the halls will be, the easier my job is.” Said Bill Goodman, the Security Council’s executive chief staff member.

He added lackluster and inattentively while sending a text message, “The members of the community may not support it now, but this, uh, is to be expected when a system is, uh, changed on taxpayers, y’know?”



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