nov-001WINSTON-SALEM, NC– After tasting a bite of his own pizza, the chef of the UNCSA Dining Hall decided he’d test out putting seasoning on the pizza. He told reporters that the pizza ended up being “alright.” He said that the pizza is usually a pretty popular choice during dinner and that he would like to improve on it.

“I take seasoning and I put it on things. In this case, it was a pizza.” He said he doesn’t know what big change is going to come next, but it will most likely involve some sort of seasoning and pizza.

“I don’t know, it just tastes better. It was already sitting next to the pizza, so I just put the seasoning on.” He then added, “It’s really not bad. If I see something and think it might taste good with seasoning, I’ll probably at least try it out.”

Stating he’d been meaning to create a dish comprised of “dough, marinara sauce and cheese,” so that he could put seasoning on it, makes it sound like this might be the creation he’s been looking for.

He said the pizza sauce and cheese, partnered with his new ingredient of seasoning gave him the idea to put the seasoning on the pizza itself. He had no intention of putting the seasoning on the pizza, but within fractions of a minute, the hybrid had been born.

He also told reporters that he’s looking to try more expansive seasonings following the success of putting the seasoning on the pizza.

“I’d probably enjoy a pizza with other seasonings.” He said. “Any Italian food with seasoning would likely taste good.”

“Long story short, yes, it was a good idea to put the seasoning on the pizza. And yes, I am going to continue putting seasoning on pizza. So I’m probably going to end up spending my afternoon seasoning pizzas with seasoning. After all, tis the season to season pizzas. Happy Super Bowl.”

During the interview, he was eating a seasoned pizza.

Expect more to come from the UNCSA Dining Hall throughout the rest of the 2013 spring semester.



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