5447282-happy-college-students-at-a-university(Above, two UNCSA students ignore nearby crocodiles)

In preparation for the spring production of Into The Woods, the dean of the drama school demanded crocodiles to be released all over the UNCSA campus. The Assistant Dean of the drama school was quoted saying, “We’re not getting a real sense of looming danger from the actors.” His hope is that the crocodiles will train the actors to heighten their sense of awareness and help them react more honestly to their scene partner’s offers. You know. Like a crocodile.

“It really surprises me when I’m just walking to class and a crocodile tries to rip off some of my flesh.” said one of the drama students. Some parents have complained that their children are at risk of being fatally wounded  by crocodiles which prompted the Dean to release this statement: “It’s a conservatory.”



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