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WINSTON-SALEM, NC– Saturday evening, University of North Carolina School of the Arts student Peter Gifford fell asleep from 11:40pm-8:00am marking the longest recorded sleep in UNCSA history. It started when he was released from class at 11:00pm Saturday night and then walked directly back to his dorm room. The student wasn’t seen again until 9:00am the next morning.

“I just wanted to know he was alright.” Said the mother of the student. She then added, “After he had been missing for more than four hours, I started to get worried. It was around the 6th hour that I made the call to campus police that he’d gone missing.” Fearing the worst, campus police reacted by breaking into the student’s dorm only to see that it was indeed the case. Immediately upon seeing the sleeping student, officer John Grumman shook the student’s shoulder and whispered, “Wake up.” Until, finally, Gifford woke.

“I just reacted as quickly and calmly as possible.” Officer Grumman added, “We’re well trained for situations such as this.” The groggy student reportedly didn’t know where he was, what time it was or why he wasn’t working during the time of the incident.

Gifford is currently being examined by Dr. Novello who is trying to detect the cause of his episode. “This isn’t as uncommon as one might think. This is the third case of FNSS (Full-Night-Sleep Syndrome) I’ve seen since Fall 2010.” Said Dr. Novello.

Gifford is expected to return back to his regular sleep schedule beginning Monday morning. Until then, Gifford is under close watch while being treated with essays, emails and redundant anthologies to read to be sure he doesn’t fall back into slumber.



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