WINSTON-SALEM, NC– Saturday at approximately 8:00pm, a Design and Production student was purchasing alcohol at a local ABC store when he was approached by an astonishingly crazy man. Recollecting his career as a fighter pilot in the war of 1812, he recounted tales of when he fought side by side with Charles Lindbergh for thirteen years before they both were killed in 1965. The rag doll of a man then proceeded to remove and barter his clothing in exchange for an airplane bottle of Sky Vodka.

“He was full-blown insane.” The D&P student added, “It was like he literally didn’t understand anything at all. I’m not even sure how he entered the store. All of the sudden he just emerged from the back room.” Despite the strange encounter, the student said it will not stop them from proceeding to drink their weekends away at the ABC store.pickle-logo-2.png


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