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CUMBERLAND, IN — Clayton DeBoinville has finally received his Letter of Acceptance to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking.

When August 2012 came and went with no word from the Film School, Greg enrolled at his town’s community college to major in communications. He soon after got a job as Cumberland Channel 2 News Switch Board Operator.

“It bummed me out, man,” Clayton told reporters. “I was depressed. I had to go to therapy for a while for my newly acquired anxiety about my life’s direction. Was prescribed Zolaft for a few months. I pretty much dove into a dark corner of my mind where I felt like I had no control over my life.”

But last week, on February 2nd, Clayton received his acceptance letter for the School of Filmmaking beginning in the 2012 Fall Semester. “Should I just show up now?” He asked one of our reporters, desperate for an answer from anybody at all.

Earlier today, a school representative released this statement: “The letter fell behind someone’s desk, and we just forgot about it until one day I dropped a Ben Folds Five CD back there, went to pick it up and whoopsy there it was.”

Clayton says he can’t wait to join the UNCSA community and put behind him his life of anxiety, constant pressure from his peers to be successful in other people’s eyes and inconvenient parking spaces.



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