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WINSTON-SALEM, NC– This past Sunday wasn’t any normal Sunday. It was Super Bowl Sunday. The campus was buzzing with general apathy toward the event.

“I don’t really give a shit,” One student said. “I guess the commercials are fun to watch, but honestly I’ve got work to do.”

Fourth-year Drama student said they went out to a bar with friends for the event to have drinks and not talk about the game or pay attention at all except for when everybody else in the bar shouted in uproar at a play. And even then, it wasn’t much more than a double take.

“The bar was nice, I guess. I mean, they had discounted drinks so that was nice.”

One student said they’re not from Baltimore, and they’re not from San Francisco, so there’s obviously no reason to give a shit.

“I was definitely not watching,” said one student. “I was busy rehearsing from noon to four that day anyways.”

There was one Super Bowl party on the UNCSA campus, but it didn’t have much to do with football. One student said as he adjusted his fedora and smoked a pipe from a thrift shop, “We thought it would be funny if everybody just brought bowls over to my place and we drank cheap vodka out of plastic bowls.”



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