Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 1.46.39 PMWINSTON-SALEM, NC– First-year music student Paige Longhorn found herself going to Walmart for the fourth time this week with absolutely nothing to buy. She said that she doesn’t understand why she keeps going to Walmart, but she just walks to her car and drives there by herself.

“I feel like a zombie.” She added, “Its like I just wake up and realize I’m at Walmart again.”

She said she finds herself wondering through the cereal aisle aimlessly debating whether she should have snacks in her dorm or whether its an unhealthy choice.

When asked what purchases she’d made over this year at Walmart she responded, “I’m not really sure. I brought pretty much everything in my room from home.”

Paige says she doesn’t plan on returning to Walmart any time soon, but ultimately, it will happen.



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