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WINSTON-SALEM, NC– For most people, the housing lottery is a fun opportunity to try to get into a Bailey Street or Center Stage apartment. But for second year saxophone student, Philipe Navidad, it ended in tragedy.

With a buy-in of $50.00 this year, Navidad was in way over his head. He reportedly blew the entirety of the $40,000 that his grandparents had left him to pay off his student loans.

“Why didn’t they just spend the $40,000 on a nicer apartment?” One student added.

Though Navidad did actually end up winning the Housing Lottery, it came at the price of buying every single ticket, which ironically means that he owns every Bailey and Center Stage apartment, but can’t finance his education and is being forced to drop out.

If you’d like to opt for a Center Stage or a Bailey, contact Philipe Navidad.



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