cute puppyWINSTON-SALEM, NC– This morning at approximately 8:00AM, campus police were making their morning rounds when they spotted a yellow lab puppy having a snooze in one of the parking spaces.

The dog reportedly nudged around in the clamp for roughly two hours before passer-by Pierce Meybauls had the common sense to pick the booted dog up and take it to get de-clamped.

Meybauls said, “This isn’t the first thing I’ve had unbooted this week. Earlier they booted my cell phone, the railing on The What, Hector the caf worker, they even booted a boot that was just laying in their office.” He added, “Basically anything that looks out of place, gets a boot. The puppy just happened to be one of the cases in an actual parking lot.”

While the puppy didn’t sustain any physical injuries, it definitely looked very silly for a while.

The campus police officer who booted the dog refused to have an interview, but they did say, “Pup shud’na bin’dur ennyhew.”



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