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WINSTON-SALEM, NC– In an unusual scientific phenomenon, sources report that when UNCSA student Luke Watergate overslept this morning and sprinted to class, he broke the speed of light and arrived to class last night.

Eye-Witnesses say Luke slowly turned into an elongated blur before his body seemed to snap into itself and vanish, only to later reappear earlier the previous evening.

“I just hope this doesn’t interfere with my sleep schedule,” Luke said last night after he left this morning.

Luke declined an interview this morning because it was before last night when he found out anything had happened today. “I’m really sorry I ignored you guy tomorrow,” he later said in his interview the night before, “But at that point I was unaware that I was about to run faster than the speed of light and travel back in time.”

Luke says that this has happened to him once before during a track race in middle school, when he won the 500m dash with a record time of 15 minutes ago.

Though the incident has shaken Luke up, he does plan to be on time today when he leaves for yesterday tomorrow.



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